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Unlock Your Options

With the many challenges you encounter in your business, you know a one-size-fits-all solution is not the answer to every problem. That’s why we offer various services for you to choose from. Vale Group specializes in mortgage operations, banking and financial services, finance and accounting and information technology – all specialties subject to tight deadlines, demand crunches, talent shortages and periods of rapid growth. The flexibility of temporary and contract employees can ensure you keep up with demand without excess overtime or overhead. It can be just what you need to operate efficiently and cost-effectively while achieving your business objectives.

Build A Career That's Right For You

Different goals or seasons of your life can make job options you might not have considered before an attractive option. There are many reasons for a professional to take on a temporary or consulting role. Mortgage and accounting can have seasonal variations. Spring and Summer create an uptick in residential mortgage loans in many markets. Accounting professionals specializing in tax and audit often find their services in demand at year- or quarter-end. Opportunities for IT specialists come around on a project basis when employers need to staff up for rollouts, upgrades and other ventures. We’re here to help you find jobs that offer opportunity and work/life balance.

Unmatched Hiring Process

Like our direct hire recruiting process, temporary and consulting placements are distinguished by an interview and screening process built to reveal each candidate’s unique skills, experience and motivators. Combined with our in-depth relationship with our employer partners, it is a process designed to benefit both candidate and client. The secret to our success for engagements of any length is open and ongoing communication with each party involved.

Our goal is to make the best match between client and candidate for placements of the ideal duration for each.


Add flexibility to your team.


Design your own career.

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