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When hiring professionals for aviation or aerospace roles, you can’t just pick a number out of a hat. You need someone with an incredibly unique and specialized skillset, someone with the experience and technical know-how that’s required for this kind of work. You also want someone who meshes well with your existing team and can make a lasting impact on the future of your organization. At Vale Group, we know that these professionals are not a dime a dozen – their talents are in high demand, and it’s not easy to source them on your own. That’s where our aviation and aerospace recruiting professionals come in. We deliver vetted, proven aviation and aerospace experts to the industry’s top players.

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Whether you’re a structural engineer or a quality compliance expert, an avionics technician or a mechanical designer, your hard-earned skills in the aviation and aerospace sector are in high demand. If you’re ready to seek out a new opportunity, or you’re just interested in seeing what’s out there, you’ve come to the right place. Vale Group is the trusted career partner dedicated to your success – we’ll help at every stage of your employment search, from interviews and salary negotiations to offer letters and beyond. Get in touch with our recruitment team and take your career to the next level.

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